CF Moto

When you work hard all day long trail riding in your CF Moto ZForce UTV, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. Count on help from MotoRoof — we bring you custom side-by-side roofs and UTV rear windows that fit your vehicle to a T.

UTVs can be indispensable on the job site, whether that’s farming, ranching, parks & rec, or other outdoor work. You love your UTV for leisure pursuits as well, such as camping and fishing trips. And while UTVs are convenient, they’re not always as comfortable as riders would like, especially on a hot summer day. You could buy an aluminum or plastic hardtop to keep the sun off you, but these heat up the inside of the vehicle exponentially. Instead, get a mesh UTV soft top from MotoRoof.

Our side-by-side roofs are soft and flexible, yet extremely strong and durable. Their mesh construction helps facilitate airflow, so not only do you get a cool breeze while you’re driving your ZForce, but you also get protection from the sun. And we don’t only mean shade — our mesh UTV roofs provide UV protection as well.

We construct our UTV rear windows from the same strong material. They prevent dust from blowing back into your vehicle while you drive, but they let air through. Additionally, the mesh is fine enough to allow drivers clear views behind them.

Each of our custom side-by-side roofs and rear windows is constructed to fit the brand and model UTV specified. Installation on your UTV roll cage is fast and easy with zip ties or bungee cords. Our UTV roofs and rear windows fit snugly, so you never have to worry about noisy flapping.

Order your CF Moto ZForce custom side-by-side roof and rear window today, and also check out our UTV parts and accessories.

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