Parts and Accessories

One of the challenges you face as a UTV owner is installing your own aftermarket parts. It should be easy, but sometimes it isn’t. At MotoRoof, our goal is to make all our aftermarket UTV roofs and UTV rear windows easy to install.

We make our custom side-by-side roofs and rear windows out of a strong but flexible plastic mesh. We custom fit each one to the brand, make, and model of the UTV it is intended for because we know how important it is to the look of the vehicle. To minimize scratches and damage to the UTV roll cage — and frustration on the part of the owner — we make installation easy with cable ties and bungee cords.

Removable Bungee Cords

All our custom side-by-side roofs and UTV rear windows come with bungee cords for easy attachment to your UTV roll cage, no matter the brand, make, or model. Bungee cords are soft and flexible so they’re easy to use, but strong and dependable so you never have to worry about whether they can do the job. Our bungee cords will last for several years before they need replacement. We sell replacement packs here on our parts and accessories page.

Grip Lock Cable Ties

Some of our customers prefer bungee cords to cable ties because they like to keep the option to remove their UTV soft top or back window on occasion. For those who prefer to keep their UTV roofs and windows on, we sell cable ties. Cable ties are strong and will keep your roof and window safely in place for years, even when trailering your vehicle.

We sell packs of cable ties here on our parts and accessories page in 8-inch and 12-inch sizes. Measure the circumference of your UTV roll cage bars to determine what size is right for you. It can be frustrating to install your side-by-side roof or back window if the cable ties are just barely big enough to fit, so if your UTV cage bars are greater than 6 inches around, it’s probably best to order the 12-inch ties.

And because our ties are releasable — no cutting necessary — there is less risk of damage to the paint on your UTV roll cage.

Trailer Trash Bags

Also for sale on our parts and accessories page is our trailer trash bags — tougher and stronger than ordinary trash bags, so you only have to pick up the mess once. Whether you’re working, camping, on a hiking or fishing trip, or just out having fun, you want to have trash bags handy. Our trailer trash bags won’t split open like cheaper trash bags will.  Keep our trails clean and open.  Stow your trash until you can properly dispose of it.  Always Tread Lightly.

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