Custom Cage Manufacturers

Roofs, Windjammers, and accessories for custom manufactured cages.

When you have a custom UTV roll cage, it can be hard to find parts and accessories to fit it. You may feel like you’re stuck with the manufacturer that made the UTV cage — as if you can’t get aftermarket parts anywhere else. But owners of side-by-sides with custom UTV roll cages can get UTV roofs and back windows that fit from MotoRoof. We also make custom mesh roofs and windows for custom Jeep cages, rock buggies, and sand rails.

We make custom side-by-side roofs to fit a variety of brands and models of UTVs, including Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, and others. Hard-top roofs have to be specially made for custom roll cages, but you can retrofit our soft tops on your custom UTV roll cage.

We make our UTV soft tops and rear windows out of our own rugged Motomesh so they are soft and flexible. Attaching them to your UTV cage is easy and fast with Grip Lock ties or bungee cords. Our UTV roofs are durable, strong, and fit tightly to your UTV, so you don’t have to worry about flapping or dust infiltration while you’re trying to work (or play).

Side-by-side enthusiasts love our UTV soft tops and rear windows because they block the sun’s harmful rays while letting cool air into your vehicle at the same time. The mesh fibers provide UV protection, and the rear window keeps out dust.

You no longer have to pay top dollar for custom side-by-side roofs for your UTV or buggy roll cage — you can get the best aftermarket UTV roofs and back windows from MotoRoof.

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