Yahama YXZ1000,  Yahama Wolverine, and Yahama Viking mesh roofs and rear window panels.

Whether you’re working or playing in your Yamaha UTV, being comfortable is important. Stay cool and protected from the hot summer sun with a UTV soft top from MotoRoof. Our custom side-by-side roofs fit a select variety of Yamaha Wolverines and YXZs.

When you’re out all day working in your Yamaha UTV, you want reliable shade from the sun and a cool breeze. You may have seen hard plastic or aluminum UTV roofs for sale, but because they impede airflow, they actually cause your UTV to heat up, making you even more uncomfortable. MotoRoof custom side-by-side mesh roofs keep out the sun and let in the cool air at the same time. Plus, they provide UV protection as well, making them a great option for warm weather conditions.

If your adventure takes you into wet weather, we have you covered as well.  Our new waterproof roofs for the Yamaha Wolverines will keep the rain off you. Ruggedly designed and built for outdoor use.

We make our UTV rear windows the same way. They prevent the dust from blowing back into your UTV while you’re driving, and they facilitate airflow at the same time. Plus, the mesh construction allows you to see clearly behind you.

Our aftermarket UTV roofs save you money, and they are built to fit your Yamaha UTV tightly — no noisy flapping. Simply attach them to your UTV cage with Grip Lock ties or bungee cords and you’re ready to go. Check out all our universal UTV roofs, rear windows, and parts and accessories to make your ride more comfortable, whether it’s for work or fun.