CAN-AM side-by-side vehicles accessories. Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick X3, and Maverick Commander.

How can you make the time you spend in your Can-Am UTV even better? With a side-by-side roof and rear window from MotoRoof.

UTV enthusiasts love enjoying the great outdoors. While there are times you may welcome the sun on your face, that time is likely not the middle of summer. When you buy a MotoRoof UTV soft top, you get the best of all possible worlds — shade from the relentless summer sun plus a nice, cool breeze. Hard plastic roofs provide shade, but they prevent airflow and thus cause your Can-Am UTV to heat up, negating their purpose.

MotoRoof also sells UTV rear windows made of the same material. The rugged mesh structure keeps dust from blowing back into your side-by-side while allowing clear views of whatever is behind you. That makes your Can-Am UTV safer and more comfortable.

Our Can-Am side-by-side roofs are made to fit a selection of Can-Am models, including Maverick Trail, Sport, Sport X3, Sport X3 Max, and Commander. Easily attach your UTV roof or rear window to your roll cage with zip ties or bungee cords. Our UTV soft tops provide a tight fit, so you never have to worry about noisy flapping when you’re trying to enjoy a ride.

Order your Can-Am UTV roof, rear window, or parts and accessories today.