Honda Pioneer 500, Honda Pioneer 700, Honda Pioneer 700-4, Honda Pioneer 1000, and Honda Pioneer 1000-5 accessories, mesh panel roofs, and rear window panels.

Our side-by-side roofs for Honda UTVs are made of a high-quality mesh that allows air to circulate while providing welcome shade on your rides. Other options for universal UTV roofs made of plexiglass, aluminum, or plastic provide shade, but they heat up the vehicle by preventing airflow.

At MotoRoof, our UTV soft tops are constructed to remain taut throughout every ride, so there is never any noisy flapping. Each side-by-side roof can be easily attached to your UTV cage with bungee cords or Grip Lock ties.

You can count on our UTV rear windows — which we make out of the same superior material — to facilitate airflow but keep out the dusty backdraft that can plague UTV enthusiasts. At the same time, these mesh back windows are transparent so you can easily see through them, helping to promote safety.

Each of our side-by-side roofs and back windows is made to fit your specific Honda Talon or Pioneer UTV; see our custom side-by-side roof section for other models and sizes. Also check out our other UTV parts & accessories, including our extra-strong Grip Lock ties.