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UTV Ride Items: Provisions, Phone and Charger, UTV Accessories

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic items that you should be bringing with you for any UTV ride. From First Aid kits to tools and a few other areas, there are several different themes to consider here depending on factors like how long your ride is, the terrain and more.

At Motoroof, we’re proud to offer a huge range of UTV parts and accessories, from bungee cords and cable ties to trailer trash bags and more — and that’s on top of our wide selection of UTV roofs, soft tops, windows and many others. What are some other basic supplies or items we recommend carrying in your UTV for any significant ride you’re taking? Here are a few to keep in mind.

Food and Water

Especially if your ride is on the longer end, or if it takes you into remote areas, it’s a great idea to bring some food and water with you. A large bottle of Gatorade or other sports drink is perfect for this purpose. The electrolytes in the drink will help prevent dehydration, while the sugars replace lost energy from burning all those carbs.

For snacks, choose something that provides enough fuel without being too heavy — trail mix is one great option. Granola bars and other similar options are also great choices.

Phone and Charger

Another important thing to consider bringing with you is a phone and charger. If something happens, a phone can be used to call for help, especially if you’ve been injured or your UTV is broken down.

Bringing a cord or two to keep your phone charged is also good just in case you’re out there for several hours and find yourself running low on battery.

Flashlights and Other Lighting Items

One of the most common reasons UTV riders call for help is because they become stuck at night or can’t find their way back to camp. Bringing a flashlight or two with you is super important, both for your ability to clearly see where you’re going and for the safety of other drivers by avoiding collisions.

Other lighting items that are important include spare batteries and bulbs, if applicable. If you have a UTV specific light bar on the vehicle, make sure you have extra bulbs available as well.

UTV Cover, Windshield and Other Parts

Finally, some of the products that we offer at Motoroof make great additions to any UTV. A quality windshield is a big help in preventing debris from hitting you in your face when you’re riding, while a protective cover can protect the vehicle’s exterior and interior from sun damage or rain/snow if needed.

UTV roofs, on the other hand, are important for several reasons. For one, they provide more storage space on the UTV’s roof rack, which means you can carry more items with you during your ride. They also help protect your legs from branches and other objects while riding through trees or bushes, as well as adding a bit of extra personal protection for whatever else might be in the vehicle with you.

For more on the items or accessories to consider for any UTV trip, or to learn about our UTV parts and accessories, speak to the team at Motoroof today.