Shade Roof – CanAm Commander Max – 4 Door – Black


Our MotoRoof Shade Roof is a mesh shade roof designed to quickly attach to your 2014 and newer Commander MAX 4 seat.  Razorshade is an excellent warm weather roof option that gives you and your passengers shade and added UV protection from harmful Sun exposure.  You get an excellent open top feel with a 92 percent shade factor.

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Warranty: 2 Years

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Shade Roof – CanAm Maverick X3 – 2 Door – Black


Shade Roof

Cooler Shade

92% Shade factor. Add protection from harmful UV rays. Increase shade and reduce trapped heat. MotoMesh material allows heat to escape providing a much cooler shade.

UV Protection

By reducing the amount of direct sunlight motomesh material reduces Ultraviolet (UV) light.
Our roofs provide a 90-95% shade factor.
The rear and side panels provide an 80% shade factor while maintaining visibility.

Hard Top Vs MotoRoof

By reducing the amount of direct sunlight motomesh material reduces Ultraviolet (UV) light.
Our roofs provide a 90-95% shade factor.
The rear and side panels provide a 80% shade factor while maintaining visibility.

Keeping It Tight

We keep the flapping to a minimum. We test the vehicles at top speed and make sure they don’t flap. A taught mesh is very important to us.

Fast Easy Install

Fast and easy to install. Recommended age: 4 to 99. Most of our roofs and rear windows do not require tools to install. Generally, no vehicle modifications are necessary. Should work around other accessories.


Motomesh 80 material maintains high transperency and should not restrict the drivers visibility.

Vehicle Compatibility

Commander MAX DPS (4 seat)2019Can-AmCommanderMAXDPS4
Commander MAX XT (4 seat)2019Can-AmCommanderMAXXT4
Commander MAX Limited (4 seat)2019Can-AmCommanderMAXLimited4
Commander MAX (4 seat)2018Can-AmCommanderMAX4
Commander MAX XT (4 seat)2018Can-AmCommanderMAXXT4
Commander MAX Limited (4 seat)2018Can-AmCommanderMAXLimited4
Commander MAX DPS (4 seat)2017Can-AmCommanderMAXDPS4
Commander MAX XT (4 seat)2017Can-AmCommanderMAXXT4
Commander MAX Limited (4 seat)2017Can-AmCommanderMAXLimited4
Maverick MAX DPS (4 seat)2018Can-AmMaverickMAXDPS4
Maverick MAX X mr (4 seat)2018Can-AmMaverickMAXXmr4
Maverick MAX Turbo (4 seat)2017Can-AmMaverickMAXTurbo4
Maverick MAX DPS (4 seat)2017Can-AmMaverickMAXDPS4
Maverick MAX X mr (4 seat)2017Can-AmMaverickMAXXmr4
Maverick MAX - Turbo X ds (4 seat)2017Can-AmMaverickMAXTurboXds4
Maverick MAX - Turbo X rs (4 seat)2017Can-AmMaverickMAXTurboXrs4
Maverick MAX - 1000R DPS (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RDPS4
Maverick MAX - 1000R - Turbo (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RTurbo4
Maverick MAX - 1000R X DS (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RXDS4
Maverick MAX - 1000R - Turbo X DS (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RTurboXDS4
Maverick MAX - 1000R - Turbo X RS (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RTurboXRS4
Maverick MAX - 1000R X RS DPS (4 seat)2016Can-AmMaverickMAX1000RXRSDPS4
Commander MAX - 1000 DPS (4 seat)2016Can-AmCommanderMAX1000DPS4
Commander MAX - 1000 Limited (4 seat)2016Can-AmCommanderMAX1000Limited4
Commander MAX - 1000 XT (4 seat)2016Can-AmCommanderMAX1000XT4
Commander MAX - 800R DPS (4 seat)2016Can-AmCommanderMAX800RDPS4

Install Options

Bungees – Removable

Bungees are included with all our roofs and window panels. Our bungee system quickly aligns the mesh panels to your vehicle. Bungees do wear over time and typically need to be replaced after a few years. Fortunately, we stock bungee replacement sets and are inexpensive to replace.

Cable Ties – Fixed

Do you want to keep your Motoroof mesh on all the time? Our cable ties are the best solution. Cable ties will keep your roof / window panel on safely even for trailering your vehicle. Find the cable tie upgrade below.

Cable Ties

Quality by Design

MotoMesh Material

Over-built quality to ensure a long product life. UV resistant material for longer life. Manufactured from 1000 denier polyester with a vinyl coating. Motomesh is strong, almost impossible to rip by hand. Easy to clean. Mildew and Mold resistant. Woven in the United States of America.

Brass Grommets

Our brass washers built to withstand the elements.
Grommets are used to create a reinforced tensioning point to prevent damage.

HD Marine Grade Thread

Thread that will outlast your vehicle. UV resistant.

Made in the USA

Made In The USA

Made in the US

MotoTuff products are proudly made in the USA. Our materials are sourced within the United States. We strive to make clean products and in an honest work enivornment.



MotoTuff backs all of our products with a 2-year warranty

  • SKU: MT-0035
  • Retired SKU: CAMCX4DR-Black

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


Accessory Type

Shade Roof




Motomesh 92




Commander Max




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